Think inside the box

Shelf-life extension and food quality indication are major topics in the food packaging field. Is it possible to replace a simple expiry date with sensors? Can the package both prolong freshness and indicate when the food quality starts to deteriorate? How does one harness light, sound and other spectral properties to address this challenge?

Recommended issues to work on:

  1. Develop food packaging for either humans or animals which reduce moisture and water accumulation

  2. Develop active packaging that extends shelf life

  3. Develop smart packaging that will have the ability to sense, measure, and report

  4. Gas regulation by packaging

  5. Find software solutions to indicate the product



Innovate on usability and efficiency

The average person interacts with food packages about 30 times a day. The package needs to be convenient for different users in several aspects. For consumers, the package should be easy to use, extract and re-seal to prevent spillage or spoilage and should be suited for groups with unique needs. At retail, the package should be easy to handle and replenish without mechanical damage that could lead to food waste. Innovative structure designs and software, can be the key to approach this challenge, combine or separately.

Recommended issue to work on:

Improve user experience and safety to elders


From recyclable to degradable

One of the biggest challenges is to reduce environmental contamination due to packages. The EU plans to make all plastic packaging across Europe recyclable or reusable by 2030. This challenge should be met with the primary notions of not compromising the consumers' experience, as consumers simply will not buy packaging that makes their lives harder. The desired solution should not comply with current manufacturing procedures, for realistic implementation by the industry.  

Recommended issue to work on:

Develop recyclable packaging that can be recycle along with the content


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