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In a world with increasing distances both of space and time between the farm and the consumer and the rise of e-commerce, food packaging systems are essential to facilitate physical protection during transportation and storage. For many products the packaging serves as a barrier for humidity, light and oxygen; in addition, the packaging gives the first visual impression of a product, aimed to attract the customer and provide information about the content, quality and instructions of use.

It is generally agreed that at least one-third of all food produced worldwide is lost or wasted through the supply chain, resulting in direct economic losses of up to 1 trillion dollars per year globally.


Major factors that contribute to food loss:

  • Environmental conditions during growth and harvest of crops

  • Overproduction due to market uncertainties

  • Insufficient temperature control in logistics

  • Incorrect batching in processing

  • Overstocking and crushing in retail stores and consumer behavior.

Food packaging has a crucial role in preventing the loss, however, it is also a significant constituent of garbage and inorganic waste.


Come join us this October as we combine forces to reduce food loss and waste by changing how food is packed. Just in time for FAO World Food Day 2018, we invite food technologists, chemists, physicists, biologists, artists and product designers, economists, high school and undergrad students, engineers and the creative general public, to participate in the first food packaging hackathon at the JVP Campus, Jerusalem. Together we will tackle one of the most challenging and impactful aspects of keeping the world fed and clean, in two intense days of originality and innovation.

For HackPack Hackathon, we seek novelty to enhance food quality in all stages of processing, especially for shelf-life extension and food quality indication. Longer shelf-life will improve supply and distribution of food products, to become more sustainable and efficient, while quality indication will encourage proper handling and consumption by customers. Some ideas to achieve this are modified atmosphere packaging, active/smart packaging, chemical and biological coatings, oxygen absorbers, deep refrigeration, better packaging materials and methods and so on. Whether fruits or vegetables, dairy or meat, eggs or tofu – we are looking for any disruptive method, technique, material or procedure that will prolong the shelf-life or alert the change in condition for all food types.


Fooctech Israel Community קהילת פודטק ישראל

The Foodtech Knowledge Community is an initiative by Israel Initiative  (ii2020) and the Ministry of Economy to lead Israel as a global pioneer in Foodtech.


The goal of the Foodtech Knowledge Community is to develop and establish an innovation community that will educate, promote and incorporate different perspectives from the sector by involving interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary participants, such as policy makers, researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, local and international food companies, both corporations and SMEs, academia and research institutions, food institutions, students and graduates of food, agricultural and nutrition fields.


During the past four years, ii2020 has been active in the pioneering efforts of food-tech in Israel, specifically ,making the Upper Galilee the epicenter of this field in Israel and the world. It established relations with the relevant leading stakeholders in the country as well as with international corporations and was involved in the coordination and production of conferences and meetups in the Eastern Galilee particularly and in the rest of the country at large incorporating international bodies.

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The Ministry of Economy is a major, leading economic entity within the Israeli  government that aggregates many tools designed to encourage economic growth in Israel, develop human capital and promote international trade and commerce.


The Ministry of economy is supporting the growth of the Foodtech sector in Israel and specifically in the Galilee. More than NIS 400 million has been allocated by the government for foodtech incentives for companies moving to the Galilee.


Large companies moving to the Galilee will be eligible for a decreased corporate tax of 6% instead of the current 23%; free land; a grant of up to 30% of their investment in building and equipment; a 90% subsidy for their development costs; and subsidies of 60% for implementing R&D processes.

המכון הישראלי לאריזה

The Israel Packaging Institute is a registered association whose purpose is to serve as a knowledge and training center for its members, to promote the development and improvement of its packaging and logistics, to provide local and international information on innovation and technology in packaging, professional courses, equipment and machinery, in international competitions and exhibitions.


The Israel Packaging Institute is comprised of leading Israeli public opinion leaders, including designers, experts, academics and research institutes, packaging consultants, manufacturing plants, packaging companies, packaging manufacturers and their users, such as food, cosmetics, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, metal And more. The Institute's management includes representatives from these companies.


The Institute conducts annual conferences and professional seminars every two months, organizes meetings and tours (in factories, academic institutions, etc.), assists in legal matters, provides professional advice and guidance, and cooperates with packaging trends in academic institutions and integrates their graduates in the local industry. The relevant authorities to promote regulation, financing and incentives related to design and packaging.


The Israel Packaging Institute is the official and exclusive representative in Israel of the World Packaging Organization (WPO). Among other things, the Institute holds the annual competition "Kochav Israel" for design, innovation and functionality in the production of packaging, where the winners can compete with hundreds of packaging manufacturers from around the world in the world competition, the WorldStar of the WPO. In recent years, Israeli manufacturers have won impressive places in this global competition, and have represented Israel in the international arena with respect to the innovation and creativity of Israel's blue and white industry.


Facultech was officially established on November 2017  by, and for students at the R.H. Smith Faculty of agriculture, environment and food, Israel. We seek to establish an active community of talented and highly-motivated students (both undergraduates and graduates), who are interested in entrepreneurship, or envision themselves as future problem solvers in the fields of agricultural, food and environmental science. Among our various activities are routine meetups with key figures and entrepreneurs in the field of Ag-Foodtech, business and technology workshops with the chance of acquiring practical skills, networking events, round tables and more.  

We invite you to our Facebook group to be part of our vibrant and kicking young and promise community.  

הפקולטה לחקלאות מזון וסביבה

The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University  of Jerusalem (among top 100 universities in the world!) is a major contributor to Israel's remarkable achievements in agriculture, through its groundbreaking research and education of generations of students. With its current ~2200 undergraduate and graduate students, the Faculty is committed to finding ways for increasing sustainable food and water resources, while preserving the environment. Innovative and interdisciplinary thinking, engagement of creative individuals from different fields and ages, scientific excellence and nourishing of entrepreneurial spirit all come together in the HackPack hackathon in Rehovot, as part of the FAO World Food Day 2018 celebration.


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